enterprise millionaires in training

PR and Business Assist

enterprise millionaires in training
enterprise millionaires in training

How can I help PR and Business startup/assist companies?

By adding value to their clients by producing high quality images of their events, employees, products at a reasonable cost.

It’s an area of interest for me as a “start up” myself I know many of the pitfalls in setting up a business and have a few years of management experience behind me I know that marketing is a key part of any business – no marketing – nobody knows your there!

PR is relatively new to me and there appears to be quite a lot of people “in” PR – so I need to know more about it – what is involved – who to speak to – what is it these “PR People” actually do –

There must be an opportunity here – if public relations is a lot about marketing then PR companies need a good imagineer on there side to produce quality images to promote their clients

Business Startup and Business Assist companies , and there appear to be  a few of these around too – I need to know what they do and offer my services. Improving image must be a part of Business Assist – so a good imagineer can help here too.

Refresh your image – use quality images – sell more product – cost effective

contact me if you’d like to know more about how I can help your Public Relations , Business Startup and Business Assist.

below are my new main areas of focus for my Business Development

EnterpriseHQ / ShropshireJelly / VisualArtsNetwork

“Images made for Business – Images made for you”

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