Paid off Friday, Freelance today, Looking forward to tomorrow

Pebbles on the coast
Pebbles on the coast

Friday was a BIG day, paid off from the bread and butter day job so now I have to decide what to do. It has been one of the most uplifting weekends in a long time , a huge weight off my shoulders worrying about where the day job was going and the future is now in MY hands and that is exactly where I want it.

So today IS the first day of the rest of my life and I’m working at home planning and tidying up loose ends, sorting out what to do and where to go.

Today is exciting, the future is Freelance …

PR and Business Assist

enterprise millionaires in training
enterprise millionaires in training
enterprise millionaires in training

How can I help PR and Business startup/assist companies?

By adding value to their clients by producing high quality images of their events, employees, products at a reasonable cost.

It’s an area of interest for me as a “start up” myself I know many of the pitfalls in setting up a business and have a few years of management experience behind me I know that marketing is a key part of any business – no marketing – nobody knows your there!

PR is relatively new to me and there appears to be quite a lot of people “in” PR – so I need to know more about it – what is involved – who to speak to – what is it these “PR People” actually do –

There must be an opportunity here – if public relations is a lot about marketing then PR companies need a good imagineer on there side to produce quality images to promote their clients

Business Startup and Business Assist companies , and there appear to be  a few of these around too – I need to know what they do and offer my services. Improving image must be a part of Business Assist – so a good imagineer can help here too.

Refresh your image – use quality images – sell more product – cost effective

contact me if you’d like to know more about how I can help your Public Relations , Business Startup and Business Assist.

below are my new main areas of focus for my Business Development

EnterpriseHQ / ShropshireJelly / VisualArtsNetwork

“Images made for Business – Images made for you”


After over a year of being freelance adopting and updating a Strategy leading towards finding a niche –

It’s easy to keep options open till a specialist subject which “pays the bills” becomes apparent

So for my own benefit and to keep things in place, I’ve been using this blog, although not as often as I probably should.

Images, People, Places, Events, Sports and Business

I’m proposing that my new strategy will encompass the above headings.

“Images” will cover everything that doesn’t fall into the other categories

“People” will cover portraits, people in the street

“Places” will cover landscapes, towns and architecture.

“Events” will cover PR, music, festivals.

“Sports” will cover action, team and individual local sports,

“Business” will cover small business start ups

Additional ideas will come from “walks and talks” – advice sessions for people who would like to learn about photography and business.

Being based in Shropshire, there are multitudes of all of the above and the website name prescribes that most of images will come from within the county.

Coming originally from Scotland, there will of course be the obligatory landscapes.

Concentrating on Shropshire for now the aim is to capture history past and present events keeping a keen eye on the future.

“images”: can be abstract images and anything which doesn’t fit the main categories.

“people” :have been discussed briefly in the previous blog , places will consist of a tick list of places to visit to create stock style images.

“places” :The main towns are:

Telford, Ironbridge, Church Stretton, Much Wenlock, Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Broseley, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Bishops Castle, Clun, Craven Arms, Newport, Market Drayton Wem, Whitchurch

Images of local points of interest, high streets, railway stations and shops.

“events”: including local music events, town festivals, special events, annual events.

“sports”: including rugby, football and cricket clubs also golf and sports centres.

“business”: helping small business with affordable images to assist with promotional material and websites.

To be updated soon