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First few months

Happy New Year 2011

3 months in and I’ve been very busy researching markets, networking, revamping websites and even taking a few images. Now I’m a member of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and my membership to Bureau of Freelance Photographers is renewed. I’ve been a member of Enterprise HQ for a few years now and will be renewing membership this month. Shropshire Jelly , a local co-working event which I host the 5-9 sessions, is planning a BIG Jelly this year in March which will be a national event held in Shropshire.

Sticking to a niche is tricky when you have bills to pay. Promoting weddings with some nice new leaflets and portraits was my planned income stream however with only a few firm bookings diversity is the key. I am on plan to shoot some interiors for a B&B and this could lead to another potential 30 B&B’s, another potential is a nursery shoot and a pet product catalogue. Sports have been hard hit with the weather last month and there may be some catching up to do. There is potential to develop the “fine art” line with the museum relocating and requiring catalogue and promotional material along with the local gallery and local artists requiring fine art turned into digital prints.

January can be a time to look forward and I’m positive about the future and there are opportunities in abundance, I’ve probably spent enough time researching and it’s time to get the ball rolling. I’d like to link with PR companies and find a regular income stream. This year (year 3) is the crucial year to succeed.

All the best for 2011 from Shropshire-images